A LONG-serving Labour MP has been returned to his seat for the fifth time with a slightly reduced majority.

Kevan Jones was re-elected in North Durham with a majority of 12,978, winning 25,917 votes.

Conservative Laetitia Glossop was second with 12,978 votes, more than 4,000 more than when she stood two years ago.

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In his victory speech, Mr Jones said: “When I was first elected in 2001 I said I would never take North Durham for granted and I haven’t. I’ve worked hard for North Durham. I will continue to represent them regardless of who they voted for.”

There was a turnout of 64.76 per cent with 43,372 votes cast – more than 3,000 more than last time.

Saying the electorate had rejected austerity, Mr Jones added: “The last seven years of austerity which has damaged not just this constituency but constituencies across the country, has been rejected.

"People are suffering out there. I see it every day of the week in North Durham. Decent hardworking people who deserve a chance. Ordinary working people who are loyal to their communities, work hard and don’t expect fabulous riches.

“What they expect is a fair deal. Hopefully that is what this country can turn to – the fair deal they expect.”

Ms Glossop said: "It's been a good result for us in North Durham."

Kenneth Rollings, for Ukip, was third with 2,408 votes while Craig Martin, for the Lib Dems was fourth with 1,981 – slightly more than the party gained in the last election.

He said: "I'm a bit disappointed that as a local candidate I ended up coming last but I think it shows we're in unprecedented times.

"I've never seen an election anything like this before."

Mr Rollings said: “From the feedback we’ve had on social media and such like we expected that kind of result. I just hope that whoever gets into government, whether its hung or not, just remembers the referendum and the whole of the UK.

“There’s no such thing as a hard or a soft Brexit, it’s a clean Brexit or no Brexit. I hope whoever gets into government remembers that or we will be back with a vengeance.”

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