COMEDIAN Eddie Izzard surprised Darlington residents by turning up on their doorstep as he canvassed for the Labour party earlier this week.

Incumbent MP Jenny Chapman was joined by the internationally acclaimed comic as she campaigned around the town on Tuesday.

Along with a group of Labour supporters, they visited a number of households in a bid to urge people to vote for the party in the upcoming general election.

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In a video recorded during his visit to Darlington, Mr Izzard urged people to use their vote and said: “The Labour Party work for the many, not for the few.

“I think I am doing well for myself and I want everyone else to do well – that is what we are about.”

The comedian also took aim at the Tories and Theresa May, saying she was “wobbly and weird” and “did not know exactly what she wanted”, accusing the Conservative leader of making a grab for power.

Jenny Chapman said: “It is fabulous to have Eddie Izzard supporting the Darlington campaign.

“He believes in policies that work for the many, not just the privileged few.

“He’s a real star and residents loved seeing him on their doorsteps.”