ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners are calling on a local MP to challenge the Government to take tougher action to tackle climate change.

Ian Swales, Liberal Democrat MP for Redcar, is being urged by members of the Middlesbrough and Redcar Friends of the Earth group to press for strong measures to be included in the forthcoming energy bill.

They are calling for the national refurbishment of housing stock to improve insulation for properties as well as making local authorities address the issue.

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Rob Tucker, from the group, said: "We need to make sure everybody can insulate their homes, keep warm and save energy."

Tony Bosworth, Friends of the Earth's senior climate campaigner, said: "Nearly one in four families in Middlesbrough and Redcar are living in fuel poverty. Many of these are living in houses which are unfit for the 21st Century, but can be improved through energy efficiency."

A public meeting, part of Friends of the Earth's Big Climate Connection, will take place tomorrow, at 7.30pm, at Normanby Methodist church, on the corner of Cleveland and Patton streets, Normanby, Middlesbrough.