A RECRUITMENT specialist has returned to her home town from the other side of the world to take on her dream job.

Siobhan Goodfellow had just settled in Australia with her family when she received the call to come home to manage a new office for The Education Network in Spennymoor.

Ms Goodfellow, from Crook, had only moved to Australia months before, but returned when the job became available.

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She said: "I know it's another huge upheaval in just a matter of months, but I really couldn't turn down the chance to come home to the North-East and take on what is the ideal job for me.

"It's a good thing that I have an understanding family who were prepared to make another move so quickly to allow me to follow my dream."

The Education Network represents teachers, teaching assistants, nursery nurse staff and Special Educational Needs specialists, and matches them with schools and colleges looking for staff, be it supply work for short-term contracts or long-term, permanent roles.

Director Shaun Porter, who is based at the Newcastle office said: "I knew Siobhan was the right person for the job.

"We have opened up in Spennymoor to deal with the increasing number of calls we are receiving from educational establishments in County Durham and Teesside.”