MOTORISTS taking to the road without any insurance could be in line for a very expensive shock.

Police in North Yorkshire have joined forces with the Hambleton and Richmondshire Community Road Safety Partnership for a month-long blitz.

Analysis of data taken by automatic number plate readers showed that in a four-week period during March and April this year there were over 250 hits on uninsured vehicles in Richmond and Catterick Garrison.

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A similar exercise on the A19 between January and April showed 2,691 cars being driven without insurance.

Traffic police will be using both static and mobile camera technology which alerts them immediately to uninsured vehicles.

Drivers who can’t provide proof of valid insurance will have their vehicle seized at the roadside and be issued with a £200 fixed penalty fine.

They must then provide proof of valid insurance before the vehicle will be returned and they will also be responsible for all recovery charges for their vehicle, meaning the total cost can often exceed £400.

"Not having your vehicle insured can be a very expensive lesson," said Traffic Sergeant John Lumbard.

"Not insuring your vehicle is not a victimless crime. As many motorists know to their cost, if you are involved in a collision with an uninsured vehicle it may make it difficult to make an insurance claim often leading to an innocent motorist being out of pocket.

“Drivers who do buy insurance are paying for all drivers who do not."

Drivers should check they have valid insurance and, if paying monthly, ensure no payments have been missed which may cause the policy to be cancelled.