ENTREPRENEURIAL students enjoyed the sweet taste of success in a project designed to help them focus.

A four-strong team from Risedale Sports and Community College at Hipswell, Catterick, impressed a Dragon’s Den-style panel of judges with their idea for a line of luxury chocolates.

Chloe Sharp, 13, Katherine Morrison, Melissa Fielder and Ellie Street, all 12, made the chocolates in food technology, designed the packaging in IT, made it in design technology and presented a marketing pitch to the judging panel.

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Assistant principal Sally Zaranko said: "We were extremely impressed by the hard work and creativity that went into the project.

"The chocolates and the packaging were attractive and very well made and we liked the running theme of Pooh Bear, the way the marketing material was presented and the interview process."

Katherine added: "It was really good fun and a great experience. We are all thrilled to have won."

The chocolate box contest was one of a host of activities as the whole school took part in Focus Day.

Head of health and social care Joy Fraser added: "The day is designed to broaden students’ experiences and to show them that they have choices in life.

"Taking them out of conventional lessons for the day is really successful in sparking their enthusiasm and developing them personally and in teams."