RESIDENTS of Murton have been invited to attend one of two public meetings to have a say about future improvements in their village.

The events will be held at the at The Glebe Centre, Durham Place, Murton at 12.30pm and 5.30pm on Wednesday May 2 - with a buffet on arrival at both sessions.

Last year a national research project chose the village of Murton to find out how well members of the community relate to one another.

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The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and the University of Central Lancashire teamed up with local researchers who carried out 500 interviews with residents of the village, exploring community spirit, social inclusion and local networks.

The findings will be shared with residents, with new plans and strategies developed to improve the quality of life of people of the village.

Malcolm Fallow , chief executive of East Durham Trust said: "On the one hand the researchers found people generally did not communicate with other people for days on end, which is worrying, but on the other hand the respondents highlighted people and places that are hugely valued by people".

The researchers are hoping that local people will be able to make suggestions in terms of planning for the future.

A spokesman for the university said: "Although this is an academic study it is important that local people have their say in how best to take the findings forward".

To book a free space contact East Durham Trust on 0191-5693511 or email