A MENTAL health order is expected to be passed on an overseas graduate who has admitted indecently assaulting three women.

Jiajin Wang will be sentenced at Durham Crown Court later this month after admitting five counts of sexual assault, two offences each on two of the complainants, and one relating to another.

A psychiatric report has already been prepared on the 34-year-old Chinese-born defendant, who remains living in Newton Hall, Durham, since graduating at the city’s university.

The court heard he has recently spent time as both and in and out-patient at mental health hospitals in the area.

Judge Christopher Prince said in order to, “dot the I’s and cross the t’s”, a recommendation for a mental health order to be passed in the case was required before sentence could be passed.

The judge added that supportive accommodation for the defendant would need to be arranged.

He adjourned sentence for two weeks to await the psychiatrist’s recommendation.

The defendant will remain in custody at Durham Prison, pending the sentencing hearing on September 22.