A DEVOUT Christian who is tweeting the Bible has reached the New Testament.

Chris Juby, who works for King’s Church Durham, began condensing one Bible chapter per day into less than 140 characters, to maximum allowed for a single entry on social networking website Twitter, in August 2010.

His Twitter account has attracted more than 27,000 followers.

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Mr Juby, of Durham City, reached the Matthew’s Gospel and the New Testament on Friday (February 22).

His summary of the first chapter of Matthew’s Gospel was: “The record of Jesus Christ, son of Abraham. Mary bore a son by the Holy Spirit. An angel told Joseph to name him Jesus.”

He said: “This is a really significant moment for the project. The Old Testament is full of famous stories, but the Gospels is where we hear about the life of Jesus.

“People are interested in finding out what’s really in the Bible regardless of what they believe.

“Almost everyone has an opinion about it but not many people have actually read the whole thing.

“This is a great moment for people to start following. The New Testament is the heart of the Christian story. It’s an interesting journey by itself.”

The 1,189-entry project is due to end in November.

Mr Juby’s Twitter account can be found at twitter.com/bible summary and an archive of his tweets is available at biblesummary.info