DRINKERS in the North-East are being encouraged to take more days off the booze after a survey found 60 per cent of people found themselves tempted to pour a drink most nights.

A new campaign from Public Health England encourages people to take at least two or three days off drinking every week in order to reduce associated health risks from alcohol

Balance, the North-East’s alcohol office, which is funded by contributions from local councils, is backing the campaign.

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Its survey revealed that 60 per cent of people find themselves tempted to pour a drink most nights, while 71 per cent of those who responded admitted they find that one drink isn’t enough for them.

Colin Shevills, director of Balance, said: “Having a drink or two most evenings increases anyone’s risk of exceeding the weekly low risk guidelines and that increases the risk of some types of cancer and other health problems. Taking more days off is a good way to cut down and break that daily habit.

“For anyone who has ever done Dry January and felt a lot better, having more alcohol free days is a good way to keep those good intentions going.”

Bev Oliver, health and wellbeing programme lead at Public Health England North East, said: “Taking at least two or three days off a week can help reduce the health risks, as well as helping you save money, lose weight and sleep better without cutting it out completely.”