BUSINESSES in the region are being asked to partner up with a leading heart disease charity.

Last year companies based in the North-East and Yorkshire raised £55,000 for The British Heart Foundation (BHF) to fund research into heart and circulatory diseases.

Such diseases kill 20,000 people in the region every year.

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The charity recently launched its ‘Restart a Heart’ campaign which aims to teach potentially life-saving CPR skills to youngsters to assist cardiac arrest victims.

It said companies could also train staff in how to perform CPR.

Dan McNally, BHF fundraising manager for North East, Yorkshire and Humber, said: “We urgently need more funds to help end the devastation caused by heart disease, which is why we’re calling on the support of companies – large and small – across the region.

“Every pound raised through partnerships will help make a difference to the millions living with the terrible burden of heart disease.”

For more information on how the BHF works with corporate partners, as well as how businesses can get involved, visit