POLICE in the region have warned of the dangers of online scams.

Despite a common belief that youngsters are more 'tech-savvy' than the over 55s, a new study reveals that they are actually twice as likely to be victims of such crimes.

According to a report from Get Safe Online, more than one in ten of the youngsters polled aged 18 to 24 had fallen victim to ‘phishing’ scams – where fraudsters access personal details though online communication.

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And despite claiming to be very digitally aware, younger victims also lose far more money in the attacks, averaging £613.22 compared to £214.70 for the over 55s.

DI Darrin Knight of North Yorkshire Police’s Cybercrime Unit said phishing is a "huge issue" and that one in ten people in the region had been a victim, and a further 43 per cent targeted.

DI Knight added: "We need people to be aware of the scale of phishing, and understand that at some point they will almost certainly be a target.

“Worryingly, only 67 per cent of people in our region don’t reply or click on links in suspicious and spam emails – which is a common technique used by phishers.

"This means that almost a third of people in our communities are exposing themselves to online criminals by quickly assuming all online communication is genuine.

“We want people to really think about their online activity, including social media and use of emails.

"Think before you purchase anything, post anything and click on any link - is this genuine? Is this secure? Will this information potentially put me a risk of harm or fraud in any way?

"It is vitally important to take a few moments to check – it could save you hassle, heartache, and hundreds or thousands of pounds”.