A BIKE belonging to the much-loved Boro commentator Ali Brownlee and used by him for charity events has been stolen.

Ali's family are said to be 'very upset' after the theft, as the bike was of huge sentimental value after it had become a 'big part of Ali's life' leading up to his death from bowel cancer.

Neal Bullock, the driving force behind Teesside charity cyclists group Fat Lads on Bikes, wrote on Facebook: "If you do know (who stole it), please tell them to do the right thing and leave it in a safe place so we can collect it. Please just let us get the bike back to Ali's family.

"This bike was a massive part of Ali's life for a short period , he used it to cycle from Whitby to the Riverside (Stadium) with me and the Fat Lads and Phat Lasses.

"He was one of us and helped to raise funds... this means just as much to me personally as it does the family so please help us get this bike back."