Guidelines over poison gas dangers AS the campaign to alert householders to the potential danger of carbon monoxide poisoning continues, new guidelines have been issued to landlords.

As part of its ongoing campaign to raise the awareness of the so called “silent killer’’ The Northern Echo today reveals the latest advice from the National Landlords’ Association (NLA) About 20 people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning in the past 12 months and hundreds more have suffered related injuries.

Where any fossil fuel is burning, there is a danger that the deadly fumes can leak into premises where appliances have not been properly installed or maintained.

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Now landlords are being informed as to how they can protect their tenants.

The four-point guideline to landlords includes that: ● They ensure that every gas appliance in their properties undergoes an annual check by a registered gas installer. A safety record of each check must be kept for at least two years; ● They should use only Corgiregistered installers to fix any problems or to disconnect any appliance; ● They should also install carbon monoxide detectors in the premises; ● They must ensure new tenants are given a copy of the safety check record and know where the emergency gas shut-off valve is.

A spokesman for the NLA said last night: “No landlord ever wants to receive a phone call that tells them a tenant has suffered a serious injury or worse.

“That’s why the NLA is calling on all landlords to focus on gas and fire safety this week. With lives at risk, it is critical that landlords are confident they know what they are doing and what their responsibilities are.”