GUERRILLA knitters have struck again – this time leaving jubilee-inspired woollen corgis and the Queen under cover of darkness.

In a stark similarity to the Saltburn Yarn Bombers – a team of knitters who anonymously decorated Saltburn pier with knitted Olympic athletes – Northallerton Town Hall has also been targeted by a covert knitting group.

On Tuesday, people woke to find the square in front of the hall decorated with knitted bunting, a woollen effigy of a royal tied to a decorative shrub, Union flag cushions and benches decorated in red, white and blue.

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Most striking was a knitted Union flag featuring three dimensional woollen corgis and a knitted queen, which had been hoisted on to the front of the town hall.

The perpetrators have remained anonymous, save for a small tag indicating the characters had been created by “Northallerton’s ninja knitters and samurai stitchers”.

Northallerton Major Councillor Jack Dobson was delighted with the knitting.

“From the point of view of the town council it’s splendid, splendid, splendid,” he said.

“Everyone is asking ‘who is the phantom knitter?’ “I know they wish to remain anonymous, but I would like to meet them and thank them face-to-face on behalf of the town council, because it’s given people so much pleasure.

“It wasn’t here at 11pm on Monday night, so it must have been done in the early hours of Tuesday.

“Fair play for all the hard work and imagination and knitting ability. I’m not a knitter myself, but I do appreciate it.”

In an anonymous statement leaked to The Northern Echo, a spokeswoman for Northallerton Ninja Knitters said: “We have no political aims, other than to put a smile on people’s faces as well as having our own fun thinking up and creating these embellishments.

“We were inspired by Saltburn’s anonymous pier knitters and wanted to brighten up the square, give people something to talk about, and inspire people to make things themselves.”