Friday, April 27, 6.25pm

Police confirmed that James Allen stayed at the Allerton Croft Hotel in Scarborough in West Square and was booked in for two nights but only stayed there on Wednesday night.

Friday, April 27, 6.15pm

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James Allen seen at a hotel in Scarborough the night before murder of Julie Davidson in Whitby.

Friday, April 27, 14.47pm

Allen's mountain bike seen outside both murder scenes and DNA found at both homes - police reveal

Friday, April 27, 14.20pm

Police stopping and searching vehicles on the A19 Middlesbrough to Northallerton stretch

Friday, April 27, 14.20pm

Police press conference on hunt for James Allen has finished. More soon.

Friday, April 27, 13.22pm

James Allen used to live next door to Middlesbrough victim Colin Dunford, police reveal.
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Friday, April 27, 12.16pm

Armed police teams are also searching locations in Scarborough.

Friday, April 27, 11.50am

Police have taken a man into custody following a raid on a house. A man has been taken away from the house in Delarden Road. However, it is not believed to be James Allen. Earlier, a man in his 60s was questioned after the raid on Lothian Road. He has since been released without charge.

Friday, April 27, 10.53am

Teams of police combing Middlesbrough estates in Gresham, Park End and Pallister Park.

Friday, April 27, 10.52am

Police investigating report that Allen had been in same workingmen's club as first victim.

The Northern Echo: Delarden Street, Middlesbrough
Police at a property in Delarden Road, Middlesbrough

Friday, April 27, 10.49am

Adeel Baig, who lives two doors away from the property on Lothian Road, said Allen seemed like a nice man, and he was shocked that he has been linked to the two murders. Mr Baig said he last saw Allen between 5pm and 6pm on Sunday when Allen was getting into a taxi. He said he believes that Allen has been sharing the house for around two months.

Friday, April 27, 10.40am

Police raid Delarden Road, Middlesbrough.

Friday, April 27, 10.10am

New reports coming in of a sighting in Middlesbrough close to Lothian Road. Police responding now.

Friday, April 27, 10am

Armed police have given the "all clear" at the house in Lothian Road. The road will be reopened to traffic shortly.

Friday, April 27, .9.56am

Police have entered the house in Lothian Road, Middlesbrough.

Friday, April 27, 9.52am

House in Lothian Road believed to be home where Allen has been living. He MAY NOT be inside.

Friday, April 27, 9.50am

UPDATE: Police investigating two possible sightings of James Allen in Middlesbrough

Friday, April 27, 9.30am

ARMED police are surrounding a house in Middlesbrough amid reports that they may have cornered a man wanted in connection with two murders.

Part of Lothian Road has been sealed off as part of a massive police operation.

The Northern Echo: Lothian Street, Middlesbrough
Armed police and forensics at a property in Lothian Road, Middlesbrough

More than 100 police are searching for 35-year-old James Allen who is wanted by police.

Detectives investigating the murders of Colin Dunford, 81, in Middlesbrough, and 50-year-old Whitby woman Julie Davison, pledged that they would not rest until they had Allen in custody.

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