A VISITOR attraction farm is bringing the magic of the lambing season to the Internet.

People can no go on-line and view the Lamb Cam at Hall Hill farm, Lanchester, County Durham, which draws thousands of visitors each year.

The farm started out as ann attraction 30 years ago by inviting visitors through its gates to see its new born lambs.

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Now anybody can go online and see the farmn’s lanbs and sheep thanks to the new feature.

The farm’s tourism manager, Ann Darlington, said: "We like to keep introducing new ideas here at Hall Hill Farm.

"The streaming will show everything from live births, feeding , frolicking and snoozing.

"We hope it will be both entertaining and educational for viewers and above all else, an amazing experience as they watch from the comfort of their own homes or in the classroom."

To see the Lamb Cam visit the farm’s website at www.hallhillfarm.co.uk