A BNP candidate has denied all knowledge of an election leaflet published in his name, which criticises the Gurkhas.

Adam Walker, who is standing for the far-right party in the North-East in the forthcoming European elections, says the views in the leaflet are at odds with his own.

However, the leaflet, which calls for all non-serving Gurkhas to be “removed” back to Nepal echoes the views of British National Party leader Nick Griffin.

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In a BBC radio interview recently, Mr Griffin called the Gurkhas mercenaries.

He said: “We do not think the most overcrowded country in Europe can realistically say ‘Look, you can all come and all your relatives.’ “When the Gurkhas signed up – frankly as mercenaries – they expected a pension which would allow them to live well in their own country.”

The leaflet which is being distributed in the region, purports to be from the BNP and contains details of how to donate to the party cause.

It also contains a picture of Corporal Kumar Pun, who was killed in Afghanistan while fighting for the British Army earlier this month, with his face crossed out.

In the brochure, under the heading ‘The Gurkhas must leave’, it says Britain will be swamped by more than half a million Gurkhas who will contribute nothing to the country.

It also features a quote from Mr Griffin that says “we cannot allow Gurkha ghettos”.

However, Mr Walker, a teacher from Spennymoor, County Durham, said that the leaflet had nothing to do with him and that the BNP had no official policy on Gurkhas.

He said: “Somebody set me up. We do not have a leaflet which mentions anything to do with the Gurkhas.

“It could be a third party smear – we have that happening on a regular basis.”

Mr Walker, who is under investigation by the General Teaching Council over allegations he used a school laptop to contribute racist and religiously intolerant views to online discussions during lessons, said: “I am an exsquaddie myself and I know a lot of people who fought in Borneo with them.

“I support the Gurkhas and what they do. I think they play a wonderful role in the armed services.

“That (the leaflet) is not my stance on the Gurkhas.”

At the weekend, a national newspaper revealed how the BNP said that VC winner Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry was only awarded the Victoria Cross because he is black.