TEENAGERS playing a dangerous game of ‘chicken’ are risking their lives, say police.

This week, police took to social media to highlight the dangers of ‘chicken’, which commonly sees participants put their lives at risk by running into the road, or lying on it, before dodging traffic at the last minute.

Reckless youngsters in the Nunthorpe area of Middlesbrough – specifically around The Avenue – have been playing the potentially lethal game.

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A spokesman for the Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Police Team said they were aware of youths having sustained serious injuries as a result of taking part in the risky activity.

They took to Facebook to say: “Police would like to raise awareness and highlight the seriousness of this issue.

“We have had experience of youths sustaining life changing injuries through similar incidents and would like to urge local youths to stop this activity immediately in order to prevent any serious road traffic collisions occurring.”

Police are also urging families to discuss the issue with their children and make them aware of the dangers.