I AGREE with the comments made by John Crick (HAS, Oct 7) about Chris Lloyd’s article on Theresa May’s conference speech (Echo, Oct 6), and was particularly annoyed by the statement that “whether we like it or not, we are all Corbynistas now”.

Sorry, but we’re not.

Millions of ordinary Labour voters are the people who matter, and I’m not convinced that they have become as hard left as the noisy Corbyn activists like to think.

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We have a long tradition in this country of disliking extremes in politics, either left or right. The Labour Party, with its long history of fairness and tolerance, of respecting people even though not agreeing with them, has for now been taken over by the hard left, but I think history will see this as a blip.

Only a month after being elected in June, the new MP for North West Durham said that she could not engage socially with Tory MPs as she sees them as “the enemy”

and her dislike of them is “visceral”. How arrogant, but sadly typical of the extreme left or right, who are so blinkered that they only have time for those who agree with them.

G Carr, Aycliffe Village