AS the second season of the open air spectacular Kynren draws to a close this weekend, the attention is set to switch to creating a £1m plan for a historical leisure park.

Eleven Arches has announced it hopes to have a detailed proposal for the second phase of the popular attraction in Bishop Auckland by the end of next year.

The aim is to create a plan that is viable and will complement Kynren and once this has completed, organisers intend to open the day park to visitors in 2020.

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The plan, which is expected to cost £1m, will include consultations, costings and also fundraising.

Once this has been completed, the aim will be to attract investors to the venture and gain the relevant planning permissions in preparation for work to start on the site in January 2019.

The park opening could be staggered across several summer seasons, building momentum for the overall project, but with the first components delivered in 2019 and 2020.

Anne-Isabelle Daulon, chief executive of Eleven Arches, “It was always intended that Kynren would light the fire for the long term vision of a day park offering world class entertainment showcasing British history across the ages.

Kynren has done just that. At the end of a phenomenal season two, we have firmly established that the concept has immense appeal to visitors both nationally and internationally who are drawn to the show’s unique blend of drama, history and spectacular entertainment all on an epic scale, distilled into a ninety minute experience.

“I speak for everyone at Eleven Arches when I say how proud we are of all that the Kynren team has achieved, that has enabled us to embark on the next phase of providing world class entertainment in the North-East.”

  • The final performance of Kynren 2017 will take place on Saturday, from 8pm. To book tickets, visit