A MOBILE phone company which recently installed a temporary mast has applied for planning permission to build another one nearby.

Phone company EE, which previously had a mast on a building at the top of Neville’s Cross Bank, had to find a new location after being given a notice to quit order by Durham County Council.

The company wants to put the new mast, which would be 17.5m tall, on grass off the A167 Darlington Road, to the rear of Dalton Crescent.

Last month the company erected a mast on land at the bottom of Neville’s Cross Bank, to the concern of neighbours, who said they had not been consulted.

An application says the new site was chosen because it is screened by mature trees screen and is needed to improve 3G and 4G coverage.

The temporary mast will be removed as soon as the replacement is approved, built and networked.