HELMSLEY Castle is under siege this weekend as the building is taken back to the 17th century and the turbulent history of the English Civil War.

As part of a weekend of reenactments that starts today, the Roundheads will battle Royalists in a fierce fight for control of the castle, and visitors will be able to delve into the fascinating story through Living History camps and interactive drill sessions.

Site manager Adam Price said, “Helmsley Castle’s first and final military action was certainly an important one; we can’t wait to show just how Civil War sieges took place in our impressive grounds.

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“There’s no better way to learn about history than to jump feet first into an action-packed re-enactment, and we know the whole family will be fascinated by this incredible tribute to Helmsley’s past.”

The castle’s only military action came during the 1644 Civil War after relations between King Charles I and his parliament irreparably broke down.

Parliamentarian troops fought against Royalists nationwide and Helmsley Castle was under siege from September until November, when the Royalists were forced to surrender due to lack of food.

Reenactments start at 11am.