NEWCASTLE fans will spend more money on fuel than away game tickets this season.

Research by found fans will spend £945 on petrol and on average drive 8,968 miles if they attend all of their team’s away matches – more than supporters of any other Premier League team.

The total cost of away game tickets for Newcastle supporters will be £570, bringing the total season cost to £1,907.

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The average cost of fuel for fans attending all their away games was £607.

Motoring editor Amanda Stretton said: “Being a football fan is a very expensive hobby, and it doesn’t just stop at the cost of tickets.

“However, there are ways fans can keep costs down as much as possible.”

Fans will drive 304 miles on average per away game, costing them £321 in petrol.

Newcastle fans face the second highest overall cost after Arsenal, who pay the most for a season ticket.