RESIDENTS were drawn out of their homes on Sunday by what sounded like a fireworks display but turned out to be an electricity pole on fire.

Firefighters were called to Aycliffe Village, near Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, at about 6.45pm after an electricity pole, located opposite the Royal Telegraph pub in North Terrace, went up in flames.

One crew attended and firefighters cordoned off the area, while they waited for the electricity to be turned off.

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There was a lot of smoke and loud bangs as the cables burnt, and a large crowd gathered to watch, with one witness likening the sounds to a fireworks display.

When Northern Powergrid arrived at the scene the pole was no longer on fire. A spokesperson for the electrical distribution company confirmed the supply to two properties was affected.

“Our engineers carried out the necessary repairs, which were fully complete by 11.50pm,” he added.

Firefighters left the scene at 7.40pm.