COUNTY Durham villagers who gave respite to German children following the Second World War are to be remembered in a new project.

The Friends of Durham County Record Officer (FODCRO) have been given £9,200 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to find out more about visits by 40 children to Murton, Station Town and Wingate in 1949.

In post-war Germany and Austria many children suffered malnutrition, inadequate clothing and poor living accommodation.

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Sparse details of these visits remain and the project is aimed at uncovering more of the story.

FODCRO chairman David Inch said: “If only this project had taken place a generation or more ago much more of the story would still have been in the memories of living people.

“As it is we are yet to even find or compile complete lists of names for the Murton or the Station Town/Wingate groups – but we are determined to unearth as much as possible of this heart- warming story.”

Project volunteers would like to speak to anyone with information about the visits.