A TOWN mayor is urging the community to report nuisance behaviour after a surge in vandalism.

Several play areas in the Chilton area have been targeted by vandals who have pulled down signs, damaged play equipment and left broken glass and graffiti behind.

Last week four newly installed dog control signs were pulled down at Pentland’s play area and some children’s rope ladders were cut.

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A spokesman for Chilton Town Council said: “Only one of the signs have been recovered and it is evident it has been removed with force.

“Other play areas in the area have also faced mindless vandalism and nuisance behaviour which seems to have increased at the skate park within the Charlie Wayman playing fields.

“Our contractor and his staff have to regularly remove graffiti and clean up litter and lots of broken glass which is normally from alcohol bottles found in the play areas.

“Sadly it is not only the play areas that have been targeted by vandalism, both the notice board outside of the library and the telephone box on Durham Road have also been recently smashed.

“These acts of vandalism and nuisance behaviour are completely unnecessary and ultimately cause extra works and costs to repair.

“The play areas should be a safe haven for our youngsters to enjoy.”

Town mayor Cllr Tony Duprey added: “I would urge anyone with any information to report this behaviour as it complete unnecessary and is spoiling the fun for users of our recreational facilities”

Anybody who witnesses any vandalism or nuisance behaviour is asked to contact Durham Police on 101.