POLICE are investigating a “fight” between school-age boys from County Durham which has gone viral after a Facebook commentator posted it online.

Almost 14,000 people have shared the video which last night had been viewed 761,000 times and captures the brawl involving two teenagers on a bike track in Newton Aycliffe.

The altercation, which sees one youngster goading and and assaulting another, was shared on Facebook on Thursday evening by so-called comedian and local commentator Robin Armstrong who is followed by more than 530,000 people.

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Police confirmed they received calls this week from the parents of the boys, believed to be about 14 years old, who reported their children had been threatened online.

Acting Sargent Lyndon Towler said: “We believe the people involved have been sent inbox messages by various people. We want to reassure people we are aware of it and are dealing with it. If you know someone in the video don’t send abuse.”

In the video a teenage boy can be seen following another round spoiling for a fight, kicking and punching him.

He is egged on by others who can be heard shouting encouragement.

The video shared online is interspersed by commentary from Mr Armstrong who calls for people in Newton Aycliffe to share it.

In it he apologises to the apparent victim.

“To the kid that’s getting attacked I’m sorry about this but I hope this brings a little bit of justice to you and your family,” he tells viewers.

Mr Armstrong said he posted the video in a bid to raise awareness of bullying.

He told The Northern Echo: “I see it as my duty to help these kids with such a large fan base I can say the things the police can’t in order to get justice for the victims and their family without violence just simply by showing the attackers for what they are - scum.”

Newton Aycliffe Police on Facebook posted: “Neighbourhood officers are investigating the incident and will be speaking to everybody involved.

“A video of the fight has been circulating on Facebook and we have been informed that several people have received threats since the video was uploaded.

“We would like to remind everyone that threats and abuse online can constitute criminal offences and will be dealt with accordingly.”

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call 101 and ask for Sgt Towler.