WE asked each Sedgefield candidate to explain to The Northern Echo's readers why they deserve your vote. Here's what they had to say.

Dehenna Davison, Conservative Party

The Northern Echo:

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"The Brexit negotiations will decide the future direction of our nation, the strength of our economy, and any consequent spending on our public services. Now is not the time for those trying to reverse the will of the people – it is time to get on with the job of leaving the European Union as smoothly as possible whilst ensuring the United Kingdom takes a global outlook. We need strong and stable leadership, and it is clear that can only be delivered under Theresa May’s Conservatives.

"Over the past seven years, the Conservatives have delivered for the people of Sedgefield. Thousands of residents are paying less in income tax and in fuel duty – both things your Labour candidate voted against! Major companies like Ebac and Hitachi have invested in our area, backed by the Government, creating jobs for our residents. We also have a fantastic new University Technical College in Newton Aycliffe to give our young people the skills they need.

"I want to continue to deliver for the people of Sedgefield if elected on June 8th by:

"Ensuring every child gets a good education – Education, whether vocational or academic, unlocks potential, so I will campaign for even more good schools in our area.

"Enhancing our local economy – I will bring together and work with people and agencies both inside and outside the constituency to promote our area and encourage investments and job creation.

"Working to improve mobile and broadband connectivity – With many residents expressing concerns about digital infrastructure, if elected, I will work with Ministers and local communities to improve connectivity across the constituency.

"On June 8, it is a two horse race between a Labour candidate stuck in the past or a Conservative candidate working with Theresa May to give Sedgefield the best possible future."

John Grant, UKIP

The Northern Echo:

"THE North East is a sleeping economic giant.  We have the potential to once again be the engine room of British manufacturing, but sadly successive governments whether red or blue, have neglected the North East.  Perhaps it’s because our career political class have forgotten about us.

"Whether it’s defending our steel industry, giving us appropriate transport links, high-speed internet, or underfunding our Councils, central government has done nothing – it’s time to reverse this trend.

"UKIP won’t stand by and allow this to continue happening.  We’ll stand up for people in Sedgefield.  We will show that there’s a bright future available for us, if only we have the courage to go and achieve it – and the support of our politicians in Westminster.  Fortunately, if our politicians fail to deliver then we can always elect better ones at the ballot box.

"Our area voted around 58% to leave the EU.  UKIP will hold the government’s feet to the fire on Brexit, voters can be confident if they elect a UKIP MP for Sedgefield, they can be sure it will be a true Brexiteer.

"UKIP will encourage local health authorities to buy out their PFI contracts early.  UKIP is fully committed to keeping the NHS free at the point of delivery and at time of need for UK citizens.  UKIP will end ‘health tourism’ by making sure those ineligible for free NHS care pay for treatment.

"The Conservatives have promised to bring immigration down to the ‘tens of thousands’, in 7 years they have utterly failed in that policy.  UKIP wants an Australian-style points-based immigration system to assess all potential migrants to Britain on a fair, ethical and equal basis.

"UKIP will slash the foreign budget by £10bn and invest the money saved from overseas aid into public services such as the NHS."

Stephen Psallidas, Liberal Democrats

The Northern Echo:

"The people of Sedgefield Constituency have been represented by the same complacent party for too long. They don't need Labour one-party states and 'safe seats for the boys', but a party which listens and works hard for change.
"But Sedgefield also doesn't need the Tories, who continue to under-fund the NHS, then use that as an excuse for creeping privatisation. Who damage our children's futures by under-funding schools, transferring control to private academy 'sponsors', and pressuring hard-working teachers. Who promise more police officers and soldiers and deliver fewer. Who turn a wafer-thin Brexit majority into an aggressive stampede off the cliff, turning friends into enemies and damaging economic prosperity - and local jobs in our area.
"If elected as your MP, I will fight for more and better-quality jobs in Sedgefield, with the right conditions for investment for the future. Netpark and the Aycliffe business and industrial areas need more support. Our farming community needs certainty. Newton Aycliffe town centre needs regeneration.
"Local patients and NHS workers deserve to have our NHS properly funded; the Lib Dems will provide an extra £6 billion per year, funded by an honest, small increase in income tax.
"Local children deserve decent schools; the Lib Dems will provide an extra £7 billion nationally for the next parliament - over £5 million to Sedgefield constituency.
"And the Lib Dems want the British people to get the chance to vote on the final Brexit proposals. That’s the democratic way to get the best possible deal for Britain - not just the best for Theresa May or the Tory Party.
"Vote for hope, and for change. A better future is possible!"

Melissa Wilson, Green Party

The Northern Echo:

"WE must reverse the decline in funding for the NHS. We will lock-in a government commitment to ensure that the NHS is only funded by public money, rather than expecting people to reach into their pockets to pay for health treatments, and all services are delivered by public services, not private companies.

"We would repeal the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and introduce an NHS Reinstatement Act to roll back privatisation, so that all health and dental services are always publicly provided and funded, and free at the point of access.

"We would bring spending on mental health care in line with spending on physical health care.

"We would provide free social care for the elderly and all those who need it.

"We would stop further private finance initiative (PFI) contracts and end the inappropriate sale of NHS assets. We would investigate buying out existing PFI contracts where this represented value for money.

"We would return all academies and free schools to local authority control.

"We would scrap SATs, which narrow the curriculum and place unnecessary pressure on pupils and teachers. We would also abolish Ofsted.

"We would reduce class sizes, with a long-term goal of 20 pupils per class at both primary and secondary level.

"We are committed to a fully comprehensive school system and are opposed to selection by ability or social class.

"We’d reduce the benefit bill in the long run with rent controls and social housing, reducing the need rather than forcing people into greater poverty.

"We will build 500,000 socially rented homes to provide new, affordable, homes to thousands of families built to the highest of energy efficient standards.

"We will introduce a Landlord Licensing Scheme to ensure that every landlord must adhere to minimum standards.

Phil Wilson, Labour Party

The Northern Echo:

"Your vote on June 8th won't affect who is in No. 10 on June 9th, but it will effect who will be your local MP. I have lived in Sedgefield all my life. It is the only constituency I have ever wanted to represent. UKIP are falling apart and my Conservative opponent is a 23 year old student from Hull.

"The Tories are destroying our local services. Relentless Conservative cuts savage our NHS, creating a social care crisis and threaten Darlington A&E and maternity services with closure. Tory cuts are robbing our children’s schools of funding, meaning less teachers and less investment in our children’s future.

"Conservative cuts have seen Durham police force lose 350 officers, making our communities less safe. A vote for me is a vote to save Darlington A&E and maternity, for fully funded schools and for EMA post 16. We need an MP committed to standing up to Conservative cuts, who stands up to the Government when their policies don’t work for you.

"I back your Brexit. A Brexit that works for us all. I voted to trigger the Brexit negotiations out of respect for the result. Now we must get on and achieve the best deal for the North East. The Conservatives have a proven track record of neglecting our region. I will be your voice on Brexit.

"As a member of the Defence Select Committee, I am a strong supporter of our armed forces. I will always vote for the UK's nuclear deterrent, I believe NATO is the cornerstone of national security and I have supported military action against ISIS.

"I am committed to continuing to bring jobs and investment to the area. I led the campaign to bring Hitachi, creating 1000 jobs for local people.

"This area will always be my first priority."