STUNNING images of wildlife and landscape by a North Yorkshire photographer are to go on show.

Paul Fowlie, who is originally from the North-East but has lived near Bedale for the past 12 years, is to have an exhibition of some of his work on display at The Station in Richmond.

He photographs wildlife in North Yorkshire and the Lake District and recently took this photograph of a Black Grouse performing a flutter jump during a lek just outside Richmond.

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The lek is part of a courtship ritual performed by Black Grouse during the mating season, where males assemble at dawn and perform energetic displays to attract females by fanning out their feathers, posturing, flutter-jumping and making bubbling sounds.

Mr Fowlie said: “The Black Grouse lek will be finished in a week or so.

“It usually takes place during April but you have to be up early to catch a glimpse of it as they start when it gets light and it is often all over by 7am.”

He work of other birds and mammals will be on display at The Station, based in the historic Victorian building in Station Yard from Saturday, April 29 until Wednesday, July 24.

For more information on Paul Fowlie’s work including his landscape and wildlife photography workshops, visit;