A COLOURFUL campaign has been launched by a hospice, which hopes keen crafters will flock to support it.

St Leonard's Hospice, in York, is inviting people to knit woollen birds which will culminate in a giant ‘Brilliant Birds’ Yarnstorm display at in Rowntree park in York on June 27 until July 16.

It is anticipated the display will feature hundreds of colourful birds made using an assortment of methods.

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There are several ways people can get involved, primarily at craft workshops taking place across York next month designed for people of all abilities and with materials provided.

They take place Rowntree Park Café, 10am to noon on May 5, The Golden Ball Pub on Cromwell Road, noon to 2pm on May 13 and The Winning Post Pub on Bishopthorpe Road, 7pm to 9pm on May 15.

The scheme is being supported by York residents and craft enthusiasts Deborah New and Sally Stone who want as many people as possible to get involved.

Ms Stone said: “This is the perfect opportunity for people to unleash their creativity with knitting, stitching, pompom making and maybe even some hula hoop weaving.

"If you can't get to the workshops there are some knitting and stitching patterns online, but you don’t have to use these.

"We'd be happy to have a knitted, stitched, felted or crocheted bird of your preferred design whatever that is.

"Completed birds can be left at Rowntree Park Café or dropped off at any of the workshops.”

After the display, the birds will be donated to St Leonard’s Hospice to be sold in their shops and at their events to raise vital funds.

For more information visit the Hippystitch blog at http://hippystitch.blogspot.co.uk or email hippystitch@hotmail.co.uk