A STREET CHAMPION has kicked up a stink about overflowing dog poo bins in Darlington.

Soren Moore voluntarily gives up his time to clean up the streets around the High Grange and Faverdale areas of the town.

Last week, he discovered a dog poo bin on Charnwood Drive overflowing and surrounded by plastic bags of waste.

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Calling for Darlington Borough Council to do more to keep streets clean, he said he had spotted a number of unemptied bins in recent weeks.

Mr Moore said: “I think the whole thing is disgraceful.

“DBC are not doing their bit to keep the town clean at all – they’re happy to fine a dog owner for not clearing up after their dog then allow people to have to pile up their poo bags.”

Mr Moore, and another Darlington resident, have reported the problem to the council.

A spokesman for Darlington Borough Council said: “We apologise for the oversight and will arrange for the bin to be emptied as soon as possible.

“The bins are emptied regularly, but unfortunately this one was missed on this occasion.”