A HOMELESS cancer sufferer is calling for changes in housing rules after being forced into an bidding war to secure a permanent roof over his head.

As a travelling shop fitter, Darlington man Jason Morrison had no need for a fixed abode until he was diagnosed with bowel cancer earlier this year.

Following gruelling treatment, he left hospital without a stable place to recover and has been sleeping on the couches of family members since, spending the occasional night at a B&B.

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Classed as in urgent need of housing, he has been offered temporary accommodation but – already having that – turned it down and is now desperately seeking a permanent home.

To apply for council housing, Mr Morrison had to register with “choice-based letting system” COMPASS, where he is expected to bid against others for accommodation.

Currently awaiting radiotherapy treatment, Mr Morrison has restricted bidding to the Firthmoor area as he relies upon family there for care and support.

He has not yet had bids accepted and is increasingly desperate to “find somewhere I can live my days out in peace.”

Mr Morrison, 45, is now calling for the bidding system to be axed, saying it is not right to force vulnerable people to “jump through hoops” for stable housing.

After speaking to The Northern Echo, a Darlington Borough Council spokeswoman said an accommodation offer was sent to Mr Morrison on Wednesday.

He has not yet received the offer and claims his welfare has suffered as a result of navigating a system he says is overly bureaucratic and fails to fully consider individual circumstances.

Mr Morrison said: “I feel like I’m living on borrowed time and by the time I’m settled, it could be too late for me.

“If I have to have another operation I don’t know where I’d go after being released from hospital.

“There will be others coming out of hospital with nowhere to go, who might not be able to get accommodation because of this bidding system.

“It’s wrong and it makes you feel like you’re worthless and just a number -without my family and friends I’d be living in a cardboard box.

“The bidding system shouldn’t apply to people in real need, it doesn’t properly consider what individuals have gone through.

“This would probably be my last home, I don’t know how long I have left and the last thing you want to do when you’re ill is go through this.”

A DBC spokeswoman confirmed Mr Morrison is considered a priority and said staff had met with him to discuss his needs.

She added: “It is hoped he will accept this offer of accommodation.”