YOU could be forgiven for thinking there had been a murder most horrid at an otherwise apparently normal home.

On a trestle table outside Michael Fisher’s house lies a prone and bloodstained body, clad in camouflage gear and speared with a variety of vicious implements.

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Looming close by is a gold-faced villain with glaring skeletal features, clutching a gun.

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From a distance, the bloody scene is enough to make people slow their cars, make children gawp and policemen stop in their stride.

Thankfully, no crime has been committed – the grisly vignette is simply the latest instalment of Mr Fisher’s yearly Halloween displays.

Michael, of Berwick Hills, Middlesbrough, has been entertaining those living on his estate for years with a gradually escalating take on Halloween horror.

This year’s theme is revenge and the scene sees the mutilated victim of last Halloween’s display return as a gold-faced serial killer.

Its elaborate nature recently attracted the attention of a policeman in the vicinity on other business, who stopped to investigate the scene.

Mr Fisher said: “I started around six years ago when I built a Terminator that moved its arm and head when people walked by.

“Gradually word’s beginning to spread so each year it gets bigger and more gruesome – this year, the guy in the blue was last year’s victim and this year’s victim is last year’s torturer.

“I’m definitely aiming for the shock factor – people slow their cars down or stop and stare on my front.

“The police were around on a separate job and I saw them looking so invited them over to have a look around.

“The kids on the estate look forward to every year’s display being done and my kids love it, they’ve grown up with me doing this so out of everyone they’re the least impressed.

“I always try to use as many every day items as possible so anyone can do it on any budget – it’s just about being creative.”