A MICHAEL Jackson superfan has combined her passion for the King of Pop with her love of baking to create a confectionary masterpiece of her hero – almost entirely with Rice Krispies.

Sonya Todd, from Sowerby, near Thirsk, said as an amateur baker she fancied exhibiting at Cake International, the UK’s biggest cake and decorating show in Birmingham held in March and November.

And she had no trouble in deciding what the subject of her creation would be – a tribute to Michael Jackson.

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But her ideas grew from just his hat and shoes to a life-size replica of the Man in the Mirror, complete with size nine shoes.

She said: “He was almost the Man in Madeira because my first attempt was using sponge cake, but I found it went off too quickly when trying to build all five feet and nine inches of him.

Mrs Todd, whose 12-year-old daughter Evie is also a budding baker, set herself the task of modelling MJ after her friends at Two Bees bakery in Thirsk suggested she enter an exhibit for Cake International when she expressed an interest in attending.

She said: “Lianne Bell and Heidi Bielby who run the bakery have really helped me. I’m just an amateur baker but love cake decorating and often make cakes for family and friends.

“They told me it was quite expensive to get it, but much cheaper if you are entering something. I had the idea to make his hat and shoes, then upgraded that to a head and shoulders cake – but then thought, if I’m going to try to replicate the King of Pop I need to go big or go home – so I made him the King of Snap, Crackle and Pop.”

Mrs Todd won a bronze award for her royal icing-covered Rice Krispies statue, which depicts the pop legend in his black and gold costume he wore on stage for the Superbowl in 1993.

Her daughter Evie also won a bronze prize for her iced fairy house birthday cake.

“I have always loved MJ. I remember crying when he turned 30 as I realised I was never going to marry him,” she said.

“I’m a massive fan, I have all his albums and my son is really into him too. I’ve been working on my plans for him since October last year, and still has pride of place in my conservatory.

“I’m going to throw a party next weekend for friends and family to see him properly and then I think he might have to be dismantled.”

Mrs Todd said her masterpiece took 150 hours, around five weeks, to make - and said Rice Krispies are not easy to mould.

“I burnt my hand while trying to make him but it was worth it – everyone has been really supportive of my project.”