A CHRISTMAS tree which was lasted year dubbed "the worst in Britain" has been welcomed by children in its new home.

The 20ft 'tree', in fact a cone structure, was slammed on social media and in newspapers when it was erected on Stockton High Street last year instead of a more usual tree due because of major refurbishment work.

Now Stockton Borough Council has donated the cone to the Daisy Chain charity in nearby Norton which supports families dealing with autism.

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Judith Haysmore, chief executive of the charity, said this time the Christmas decoration was a hit.

She said: "I know not many people seemed to like it, but when Stockton Council offered it to us we were happy to take it in and give it a home. Some of our children really seem to like it so maybe this is the right place for it.”

The Daisy Chain has also erected a wishing tree at the Charity Superstore on Portrack Lane in Stockton where people can, for a small fee, inscribe a message on a bauble which is then hung on the tree.