A VERDICT of unlawful killing will not be given at the inquest into the death of new father Benji Bolsenbroek.

He had been out celebrating the birth of his son Kianey, who was not even a week old, when he got caught up in a mass brawl the Park Hotel in Middlesbrough and was assaulted.

The 23-year-old from Thornaby, Stockton, went to his mother's house and then to the James Cook University Hospital where he died the next day on October 6 last year.

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In January Cleveland Police stopped treating Mr Bolsenbroek’s death as suspicious, stating forensic examinations did not link his death with the fight.

And today (Thursday) Malcolm Donnelly, coroner for Teesside, said that as conflicting statements had been received by a forensic pathologist and a neuro pathologist, a verdict of unlawful killing could not be given due to the high standard of proof of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ needed.

At a Pre Inquest Review (PIR) held at Middlesbrough Coroner’s Court, he said: “The chances of reaching an unlawful killing verdict are non-existent on the evidence presented.”

A second PIR is due to take place on October 28 before the inquest scheduled for November 19.