A DRUNKEN teenager who smashed a bottle over the head of a man as he stood at a bar has been jailed for four years.

Ryan Wood told police he was “wrecked” following his arrest for the assault at a rave night at Tabu, Stockton.

The incident, at about 12.40am on October 27 last year, was captured on CCTV and witnessed by a barmaid who gave evidence in Wood’s trial.

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Prosecuting at Teesside Crown Court, Harry Hadfield said the 22-year-old victim had already been punched when Wood approached with a bottle in his hand.

“He was holding it by the neck and seen to swing the bottle deliberately at the complainant’s head which made contact just above his right eye," he added.

The victim required stitches and suffered a cut to his face, tenderness and swelling and bleeding from his left ear. It had also affected his hearing, although this has improved.

Mr Hadfield said: “He is now wary of going out because at the back of his mind he fears it could happen again.”

Graham Silvester, mitigating, said 19-year-old Wood, who was convicted of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, had a perceived disagreement with the injured party.

He said: “This was one act of folly from a man of previous good character. He is full of remorse for what happened.”

Judge John Walford said it was a dreadful offence and a “modern problem”.

He said: “People get drunk and behave in a way that they would not when they are sober.

“Your victim has ongoing physical and psychological problems caused by what you did.”

The judge jailed Wood, of Eaton Road, Stockton, for four years, also saying he had taken into account his age and lack of maturity.