NEW research, from leading food brand Birds Eye, reveals the top ten list of foods that those from the North-East love to hate, with anchovies (54 per cent) topping the poll. Other foods condemned to the list of offenders include olives (44 per cent), blue cheese (39 per cent) and salami (22 per cent).

Despite 27 per cent of those from the North-East labelling themselves as a “foodies”, the findings reveal that one in four (25 per cent) will go to extreme lengths to avoid eating foods they don’t like, while 56 per cent admit to picking food they don’t like out of their meal and 19 per cent secretly feeding the offending food to their dog.

Two-thirds (69 per cent) are adventurous enough to try any type of food once, while one in five (20 per cent) admit to having more than seven foods on their hate list.

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The top ten foods people from the North- East do not like are:

1. Anchovies
2. Olives
3. Blue Cheese
4. Chicken liver
5. Goats Cheese
6. Black pudding
7. Avocado
8. Brussel Sprouts
9. Salami
10. Spinach