FOUR veterans completed an 11,000ft parachute jump as part of the celebrations surrounding the visit of the Mynarski Memorial Lancaster to the region.

Norman Horton, Bill Sidthorpe, Christine Elliott and Sean Sellings volunteered to skydive on Thursday (August 28), to launch fundraising for a minibus for Age UK Darlington.

Despite it being 51 years since his last jump Mr Horton, who previously served for the Parachute Signals Squadron, said: “When they opened the side of the plane, it was just the same.

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"You just need confidence in yourself and your instructor. I shouted Geronimo!"

Gillian Peel, chief executive of Age UK Darlington, said: “We were all tearful when the bomber flew past, some of our veterans had flown in Lancasters as part of their wartime service.”

The veterans club is held every Wednesday from 10am to noon at Bradbury House, Darlington. Donations can be made at or by calling Age UK Darlington on 01325-362832.