A CREDIT union worker was attacked and bitten by a German Shepherd as she visited a Newton Aycliffe house to collect payment.

The female employee was attacked as she visited Kristen Keane, 24, and his mother Susan Dobinson, 55, at their home in Blackton Close at 5.30pm on July 24.

Prosecutor Alison Howey told Newton Aycliffe magistrates that the dog attacked the victim while she was in the kitchen with Dobinson.

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The dog jumped up at the worker and bit her several times leaving her with puncture wounds.

The victim left the house and Keane followed and was abusive.

The victim then went back to get her belongings and Keane again began to abuse her and a friend, so they drove off.

Graham Hunsley, mitigating, said Keane and Dobinson believed that the dog had not been near the kitchen at the time.

He said they had since looked at putting measures in the house to pen the dog in.

Keane and Dobinson both pleaded guilty to a charge of being a person in control of a dangerous dog out of control.

They were given unconditional bail and a pre-sentence report was requested. They will be back at court on Thursday, September 18.