A STRAY cat which used up one of its nine lives after it was rescued from a recycling centre conveyor belt is looking for a new home.

The kitten, thought to be six-weeks-old, was saved by staff at the John Wade Group site, near Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, at 3.30pm on Thursday. (August 21)

The male grey and black kitten, named Wade in honour of where he was found, was spotted on a conveyor belt moments away from being crushed.

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Tina Grainger, who works in John Wade’s sales office, said: “We have stray cats in the quarry and it looks like one of the kittens crawled onto the conveyor belt.

“It was spotted near to the recycling claws and picked up and we hope that it is re-homed.”

He was lifted to safety and the kitten was taken to Marion Maychell, the founder of the Cats R Us charity, in Shildon, County Durham.

Mrs Maychell said: “Wade was in a terrible state when he arrived and we’ve tried to clean it up but he wasn’t interested in anything.

“The kitten has slight injuries to its right ear and we’re putting fluids and medicines into him. He has been very lucky.

“We hope to get him back to full health and in three weeks he will have his vaccinations and we’ll start looking for a new home for him.

“He has certainly used up one of his nine lives.”

Details on adopting cats from Cats R Us can be found via 07980864393, email catwomanmaz@gmail.com or online at catsrus.net/fundraising/