POLICE in Darlington are to ask communities if they want to see a crackdown on adults riding bikes on the pavement.

The move follows a request from a resident to Durham police and crime commissioner Ron Hogg during a meet and greet exercise in the town's Cornmill Centre on Friday.

Mr Hogg said: "The resident said there seemed to be a lot of people riding bikes where they shouldn't in the town.

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"We're not talking about kids - were talking about adults who should know better."

Sergeant Mark Ralphs, from Darlington police, said that following the complaint, officers would discuss the issue with local Partners and Communities Together (Pact) groups.

"The man's point was that people were riding on the pavements and not really taking care of pedestrians.

"We will talk with Pact groups to find out the depth of feeling on the issue.

"If it's the general feeling that it is a problem it can be adapted as a Pact priority."

Mr Hogg said this outcome was an example of the benefit of having police and crime commissioners who were answerable to the public.

"We can find out what problems people are having and get something done about them.

"I will now follow this up with the officers to make sure it is being looked into."