A TEENAGER passionate about politics is hoping to instigate a resurgence of the Green Party in Richmondshire and Hambleton.

Matthew Jeffrey, 18, from North Cowton, near Richmond, joined the party on his 18th birthday and hoped to become more involved with the local group – but as there wasn’t one he decided to set up his own.

Mr Jeffrey will be holding a series of meetings to measure the level of support in Stokesley, Richmond and Northallerton, and said as long as he gets around five members willing to be active in running the group.

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He said: “There hasn’t been an active Green Party in the area for a number of years, and it never got much success.

“Members of the Teesside branch have helped me and also the Leeds group has pledged financial support if we manage to get a group together.

“I’m just trying to let people know what I am planning, and hopefully make more people aware of Green policies, which I think are far more far-sighted than some other parties which just seem empty to me.

“It has been quite slow initially in terms of getting people interested, but I hope if they come along to the meeting to find out more they will be convinced.”

Mr Jeffrey, who has just finished Barnard Castle School, said he hopes to go into the police and has already applied to be a Special Constable with North Yorkshire Police.

But he said he still aims to be an active member of the party regardless of his career plans.

The North Yorkshire Green Party website says the party stands for prioritising small businesses, providing services for the elderly, public transport, and opposes waste incineration.

The national website states that the party promotes ecological sustainability, a fairer and more stable economy and a higher standard of accountability of politicians.

It cites its three main reasons to vote Green, being the party’s fight against austerity and welfare cuts; opposition of privatisation and to fight for public services to be public hands; and the party’s aim to drive the transition from fossil fuels to a sustainable world.

Mr Jeffrey said: “It is a strong party with good policies and I urge people to come along to the meetings to find out more.”

Venues and times are still to be fixed for the meetings, which are scheduled for September 6 in Stokesley, September 20 in Northallerton, and September 27 in Richmond, but anyone interested in attending can visit http://northyorks.greenparty.org.uk/ to keep up-to-date with party news.