ENERGY bosses have hit back at concerns that plans for a 61-metre turbine near to Crook will impact adversely on residents’ lives.

Kinetica Energy has lodged plans to build the turbine on land close to Low Jacobs Hill, in Crook, with Durham County Council.

Complaints have been raised by residents that the scheme will have an overbearing impact on the area and will be too close to homes.

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Critics feel that it will be highly visual effecting tourism which they feel is important to the area.

Health concerns were also raised to both humans and livestock from the turbine.

Residents claim that Kinetica’s needs were being put ahead of people and companies in the area.

They fear that Crook is being hemmed in by turbines and that although only one was being asked for on this plan others could follow if it was approved.

Refuting the concerns a Kinetica spokesman said: “The scheme is for one turbine not a windfarm.

“The proposed model is recognised as medium and not large scale by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

“The proposals adhere fully to the necessary environmental health legislation and will not cause an environmental nuisance.

“A feasibility exercise has been undertaken to check that the site will satisfy the requirements of all technical and statutory consultees.

“An ecological assessment has been carried out demonstrating that neither birds or livestock or any species will be impacted negatively.

“If the council grants planning permission, a comprehensive mitigation plan would be agreed prior to the turbine’s construction.”

Scheme details can be obtained via Kinetica on 0161-6084511 or email