A GOLF club that reopened this month has been granted a licence to serve alcohol and stage live music, despite objections.

Woodham Golf and Country Club in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, reopened its greens to golfers on Friday, August 1, almost ten months after is closed owing to financial problems.

This week, Durham County Council’s licensing committee approved a request from the club’s new owners, Stephen and Neville Hall, for a premise licence.

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The licence allows the club to hold indoor sporting events, stage live music, play recorded music and supply alcohol, from 11am to midnight, Monday to Saturday, and from 11am to 10.30pm on Sunday.

The application prompted several letters of objection from nearby residents, who expressed concerns about noise pollution and the midnight closing time.

One resident wrote: “I have no problem with the premises operating with food and alcohol and generally being what one would expect a sophisticated golf club to be. My wife and I would definitely consider using the premises.

“I do fiercely object however to the playing of loud music, whether live, recorded or otherwise, when I know that it will cause a disturbance late at night.”

But another resident wrote: “I am writing in support of the above application.

“I have spoken with neighbours and feel it is essential the golf club be a functioning asset to the neighbourhood rather than allow the premises to slide into disrepair as was the case prior to the purchase.”