MOTORISTS caught speeding at more than 46mph through a residential zone by police will be sent warning letters.

Spennymoor police ran a speed watch scheme on Eden Terrace, in Kirk Merrington, today (Thursday, August 8) from 8.20am following complaints from residents about speeders.

During the one hour operation on the 30mph stretch of road 127 vehicles were checked and 23 were found to be travelling at more than 35mph.

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PCSO Brian Nicholson, of Spennymoor police, said: “We were there in high visibility jackets and a warning sign to follow up on concerns which were raised by the residents.

“Motorists seem to think that Eden Terrace is not a 30mph stretch of road even though it is.

“We took the details of the motorists who were speeding and then ran checks on them to locate the addresses of the drivers.

“We will send out warning letters and most people tend to slow down after they receive the letters.”

Speed check schemes have also been held in other areas of Kirk Merrington after several residents complained about inconsiderate motorists.

The Spennymoor police team plans to return to the Kirk Merrington area at some point during the next few weeks to carry out a follow up speed check event.