THE people of North Yorkshire are being asked for their views on how a new community payback scheme should operate.

The county’s police and crime commissioner, Julia Mulligan, is asking the public to comment on how offenders who commit less serious crimes should make amends.

In October, victims of low-level crime and anti-social behaviour will have a greater say in how offenders are dealt with through a new “Community Remedy.”

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It is a list of actions that victims may choose for the offender to undertake as a way of tackling their wrong-doing and will give the victim a say in the punishment of offenders without going through the courts.

And in preparation for its introduction, people who live or work in North Yorkshire can have their say on the proposed punishments and rehabilitation activities.

Mrs Mulligan said: “The Community Remedy will only be used by the police under certain conditions for anti-social behaviour and low-level crimes, such as graffiti, low-value theft and minor assaults without injury.

“It will only be used when the offence can be successfully resolved out of court with the help of professionals. The victim can choose whether or not they are involved.”

The survey closes on August 15. To take part visit