HUNDREDS of people have been getting their sunflowers ready for a special commemorative project marking the fallen from the borough of Stockton during the First World War.

The 1,245 sunflower project comes to an end this week as the golden flowers are lad at Stockton’s Parish Gardens for a final tribute.

Earlier this year, Stockton Borough Council distributed packs of sunflower seeds, each issued with a tag bearing the name of a soldier to tie around the plant stalks as they grew.

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Families, individuals and community groups are bringing their cut sunflowers to the gardens, where young volunteers will help them to display them and help turn the town gold in honour of those who fought and died during the war.

The closing tribute will then start in the Parish Gardens at 10pm tomorrow (Monday, August 4) the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War.

For more information on the 1,245 Sunflowers Project visit or