A LARGE new arrival who is confused about his identity has been welcomed to a bird sanctuary.

Percy the dalmatian pelican has been given a new home at Kirkleatham Owl Centre, near Redcar.

He was the very last dalmatian pelican to be rehomed after a wildlife centre closed elsewhere in the country.

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Craig Wesson, spokesman for the centre, said: “Percy didn't really want to go with the other pelicans because Percy doesn't think he is a pelican. He is convinced he is a small person.

"He was hand-reared so associates much more with people than other birds.''

Mr Wesson explained the pampered pelican will only eat the best fish like rainbow trout and will not eat what he regards as lesser fish like mackerel.

Dalmatian pelicans are the largest of the world’s eight pelican species and one of the world’s largest living birds. They can weigh up to 33lbs. They feed on fish, small turtles, and frogs but have also been seen swallowing small birds.

A pelican’s throat pouch attached to the bottom of its neck can hold ten litres of water. They can also flutter the throat pouch to keep cool.

Percy has already made an impact with visitors in the daily flying displays at Kirkleatham. Find out more at kirkleathamowlcentre.org.uk/ or call 01642-480512.